The job of sales is to connect customers with value that matters to them

Sales and revenue leaders must grow the top line. It is their core responsibility. To do this many are building and executing strategy to align their organization.
But even great sales organizations are stretched by this challenge. New capabilities must be built…or found. The Miller Heiman Group Sales Leadership Series will explore how sales and revenue leaders are tooling their organizations.

Event Features:

This event is to equip sales leaders with the latest insight and strategies to improve sales performance.


The 2017 EMEA SALES LEADERSHIP SERIES will be in the following cities:


Supported by the real-world experience of passionate practitioners and ongoing research of best practices, MILLER HEIMAN GROUP brings best-in-class expertise to all aspects of the relationship with the customer. We are a global, comprehensive source for consistent, scalable, end-to-end customer solutions.

MILLER HEIMAN GROUP brought together the proven methodologies of the world’s most respected brands in sales performance, leadership and management, and customer experience. AchieveGlobal®, Miller Heiman®, Impact Learning Systems®, and Channel Enablers® have merged and are now under one roof, providing organizations worldwide with an expanded, holistic approach for developing, managing, and sustaining, long-term customer relationships.